Concept of the WT Festival

The Wizard Trophy Festival aims to relentlessly explore all trends in the art of magic and in search of the most cutting edge magician headliners of tomorrow stopping at nothing but the best. The main feature will have over 20 artists from different countries taking part in the competition to be evaluated by such honored masters of illusion as Uri Geller, Charlie Frey, Kevin James, Sos & Victoria and others. The nature of the original magician content will enthrall audiences at the drop of a hat. Each contestant will have his chance at being handed solemnly the thematic mark of excellence icon of this 3 -day event, the Black Cube of the Wizard Trophy (a distinguishing arcane emblem of true magicians mastery and secrecy never before open to the public) Wizard Trophy Festival academics will choose from the best of the international all-comers to receive the most prestigious award of the entire 3 day event – the Golden Wizard Trophy – during the final day of all competition. The champion will then be offered the opportunity by all festival jurors to become a new judge for the upcoming Wizard Trophy Championship.

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