Participants of the WT Festival

The Wizard Trophy Festival will gather the worlds most vetted magicians from all over the globe, whose hands have worked bewilderment over such events as:
- World Magic Awards
- Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde
- Masters of Illusion
Among many others.
This event’s international All-Star roster is set to shock and amaze all attendees and push die hard skeptics to the brink of sanity, and for all others provide an astounding 3-day arena of magic; an unforgettable event of the most incredible caliber. Never before has so much premier talent featured in onto one stage. This event marks challengers hailing from such countries as:
England, USA, China, Italy, Russia,Germany, Spain, Israel, Austria, Japan, Canada, Belgium, South Korea, Luxembourg, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Finland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Cuba with over 20 other countries holding pending applications. Contestants will go all out, holding no punches to impress a parliamentary panel of the worlds TOP 5 master artists of magic and illusion.

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