Walter Rolfo discovered magic when he was a little over 12 years of age.
Like many of his generation in Italy, the first secret he learned was from the "Handbook of Silvan" which he found, by chance, in a drawer at home. From the first page he realized that his life would never be the same again, and neither would the lives of his parents, friends and girlfriends. Since the discovery of that book, he has practised magic every day of his life, always looking for the perfect trick, the perfect performance. And indeed from that day on he started to surprise, engage, and impress everyone he met by performing magic tricks. He performed in all types of entertainment, from birthday parties, to weddings, from major events in the squares to the television’s prime time. He did pay all his dues. He did close-up and table hopping shows, won major competitions in the Italian television with a manipulating and dove act, he is passionate about mentalism. He is a magician who loves the magic. This is his first and true passion. And having paid all his dues allows him to know the magic from the deep.