The WIZARD TROPHY – festival of the best world illusionists in Jūrmala, Latvia

WIZARD TROPHY Festival will gather the worlds most vetted magicians from all over the globe, whose hands have bewildered judges from all over the world. This event's International-All-Star roster is set to shock and amaze it's audiences and bend the minds of even the most diehard skeptics! Providing a heart-stopping 3-day arena of miraculous entertainment, - an unforgettable event of the most incredible caliber. Never before has so much premier talent featured on one stage!


The WIZARD TROPHY Festival will be held under the patronage of the head association of magicians and illusionists - FISM (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques) with the presence of international President of FISM Domenico Dante himself.

The WIZARD TROPHY also supported by such organizations as World’s Best Magicians Production (Germany), Masters of Magic (Italy), International Magicians Society (USA).

Marking challengers from places such as: England, USA, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Holland, Russia, Belorussia, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Armenia and many other countries!

All three days of the festival will be conceptually different. Each day will have its own concert program with stunning opening and awarding ceremonies, as well as numerous surprises for the festival guests. Festival program will also contain daytime street carnival & night time after show parties.

Interactive performances of the best magicians from all around the world will occur live on stage or all to see. The evening shows on the 31st of July and on the 1st of August will each feature original magical content that will shock and amaze guests with the art of illusion. The final day, the 2nd of August, will feature a live Gala concert extravaganza when the ultimate illusion champion of the entire festival will be awarded the most recognized token of illusion arts greatness - the Golden Cube of Wizard Trophy, evaluated by such honored masters of illusion as: Uri Geller, Charlie Frey, Kevin James, Walter Rolfo and others.


Fantasy will become a reality with the first International WIZARD TROPHY Magic Festival!


A parliamentary panel of 5 of the World`s Top magicians:
Uri Geller: An internationally known television personality, and self-proclaimed psychic. He is known best for his trademark television performances of spoon bending and other supposed psychic effects. Throughout the years, Geller has used simple conjuring tricks to simulate the effect of psychokinesis and telepathy. Geller’s career as an entertainer has spanned more than four decades, with television shows and appearances in many countries.
Kevin James: a French-born American magician, known for creating such mesmerizing magical feats as the "Floating Rose" performed by David Copperfield. Some of his past performances include starring at the Crazy Horse in Paris, a Royal Command Performance for the Prince of Monaco, headlining in Jeff Kutash's Splash at the Riveria in Las Vegas, Caesar's Palace, Tropicana and Bally's just to name a few.
Charlie Frey: a classical American magic pioneer who honed his skills on the basis of the American traditions of illusory arts, combining both classical acts and something truly fresh and unique that both stuns and amazes anyone who witnesses his performances. Prestigious appearances have included opening for Liza Minnelli, starring in the internationally syndicated television special, "The World's Top Shows", and a featured appearance in Tom Hanks' film, "That Thing You Do."
Safronovs Brothers: The brothers started creating tricks a long time ago, getting their inspiration from American illusionist David Copperfield and the legendary Harry Houdini. Their very first trick was a true challenge even for more experienced illusionists, called "Passage Through a Person," yet they were able to reach the same effect as Copperfield in one of his shows.
Sos & Victoria: World Best Quick Change Magicians. Sos and Victoria have taken the art of Quick-Change to an all-new height. Their performance won them such awards as Best Cabaret Duo in Los Angeles at the World Magic Awards, Gold Medal Winner at the First International Magic Competition "Great Wall Cup - Champion of Champions" in Beijing, China, “GOLDEN ORACLE 2015" in Spain. Duo is 4 times Guinness Worlds Records Holders in High Speed Costume Change Illusion. Their current schedule has them appearing at the World’s prestigious stages and thrilling audiences in nearly every entertainment capital.
..and other great magicians from all over the world, such as:
Magus Utopia(Holland), Julius Frack(Germany), Yunke & Elena (Spain), Mr.Fox (Latvia), Otto Wessely (Austria), Han Seoul Hui (South Korea), Sos Jr. & Tigran (Armenia), Hayashi (Japan), Aaron Crow (Belgium), Walter Rolfo (Italy), Double Fantasy (Ukraine) & many others.


July, 31. At the first day of the Festival the audience will eyewitness the incredible opening gala including performances of fabulous masters of magic art: Yunke (Spain), Hayashi (Japan), Han Seol Hui (South    Korea), Kevin James (France), Mr. Fox (Latvia), Kristy (Belarus),    Charlie Frey (USA), Magus Utopia (Holland) and Uri Geller (Great    Britain).


August, 1. The second day of the Festival will be marked with once-in-   a-lifetime performances of Julius Frack (Germany), Sos Junior (Italy),    Otto Weselly (Австрия), Sos & Victoria (Armenia), Walter Rolfo (Italy),    Tonny Hassini (Cyprus), Hayashi (Japan), Double Fantasy (Ukraine)    and Safronovs brothers (Russia).


August, 2. At the third day of the WIZARD TROPHY Festival the    stage of Dzintary concert hall will be set in blaze with stunning gala    concert including performances of such masters of illusion as Yunke,    Julius Frack, Sos Junior, Han Seol Hui, Kevin James, Kristy, Otto Weselly, Mr. Fox, Sos & Victoria, Charlie Frey, Double Fantasy, Safronovs brothers, Magus Utopia and Uri Geller. And one of them will    become the owner of ultimate magic grand prix – the WIZARD    TROPHY Golden Cube!


Events Organizer World’s Best Magicians Production (Germany) in cooperation with PARATON ENTERTAINMENT, SIA (Latvia).

The event is supported by Jurmala City Council.

More information:

28.07.2015 JURMALA, LATVIA

Sos Petrosyan, WIZARD TROPHY – festival of the best world illusionists in Jūrmala, Latvia